Epidemiology, implementation and public health

2018-2023: TURNNT: Trying to Understand Relationships, Networks and Neighborhoods among Transwomen of Color (details)

2018-2021: N2: Networks and Neighborhoods among Black gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men in Chicago and the US Deep South

2008-2020: ACCESS (Australian Collaboration for Coordinated Enhanced Sentinel surveillance)

2016-2019: Treatment with Antiretrovirals and their Impact on Positive and Negative Men (details)

2014-2019: The New South Wales Prevention Revolution Partnership Project (details)

2016-2018: EPIC-NSW: Expended PrEP implementation in New South Wales (details)

2010, 2013: National Prison Entrants' Bloodborne Virus & Risk Behaviour Survey (details)

2012-2014: Rapid HIV Testing Evaluation Framework


Culture, society and behaviour

2019-2024: ASRH3: The 3rd Australian Survey of Health and Relationships

2018-2019: The Australian Trans & Gender Diverse Sexual Health Survey (details)

2017-2018: My sex, my sexual health (details)

2016-2018: Male sex work in Australia, an immersive ethnography  (details)

2015-2016: Straight men who have sex with men, understanding expert views (details

2010-2013: Just a Preference, exploring race and racism among gay and bisexual men (details)

2012-2015: Clients of male sex workers (details)

2011: HIV and Hepatitis-related stigma in the Australian healthcare sector